The Twin Cities Social Cohesion Initiative seeks to create a reservoir of trust, good will and resilience, so as to meet the practical challenges of living together with mutual respect and shared responsibility.

How do we do that? Intentionally create the conditions in which trust, good will and resilience can be cultivated:

  • Get as many people face-to-face with each other as possible for humanizing encounters and constructive conversations.
  • Change the harmful narratives that lead us to demonize and distrust each other.
  • Focus on what’s working, as a basis for what might yet be possible.

Our work is built on critical questions and deep listening:

Are we willing to stand with others – and others with us – in times of need, distress, conflict, loss and tragedy?

Are commonly-held cultural beliefs or public perceptions of an ‘other’ countered by a personal relationship or experience?

Do those impacted or served have ‘a seat at the table’ and a definitive role in decision-making?

Are there other reasons to stay ‘at the table’ when we disagree with, or disappoint, each other?

Current work of the Initiative:

  • Envision Minneapolis: Listening to the diversity of the Minneapolis community in search of an inclusive vision for the future
  • Civic Conversations: Engaging in meaningful conversations about what matters with people you might never have
  • Living Into Our Welcome: Building a renewed sense of community in Greater Minnesota in the midst of social change
  • A Seat at the Table: Insuring that those served and impacted have a definitive role in decision-making
  • The Ecology of Actors: Getting the ecology of the community into the same room in service to transformative action

Trust building takes practice.

Here’s who is working on it.

Board of Directors

Sarah Campbell

Team Lead Minister, Mayflower Congregational United Church of Christ

Tamara Stark, Chair

Director of Youth and Family Services, Tubman

Maia Uhrich

Housing Support Policy and Training Professional for the State of MN

Justin Schroeder

Senior Minister, First Universalist Church of Minneapolis

Albert Gallmon

Interim Senior Pastor, Fellowship Missionary Baptist Church

Niel Ritchie, Treasurer

Chief Executive Officer, Main Street Project

Alanna Simone Tyler

Alanna Simone Tyler

Associate Pastor for Justice and Mission, Westminster Presbyterian Church

Rev. Doug Mork

Building Dignity and Respect Standards Council

Rev. Canon Robert Two Bulls

Missioner for The Department of Indian Work and Multicultural Ministries (Episcopal)

Rev. Liz Eide

Pastor, Lutheran Church of Peace, Maplewood

Professional Staff

Rev. Dirk Ficca

Executive Director

Rolf Lowenberg-DeBoer

Field Practitioner

Strangers can become neighbors. Adversaries can find common cause. There is enough good will and resolve out there to make a difference.

If you are interested in the work of the Twin Cities Social Cohesion Initiative, please contact us:

Dirk Ficca:

We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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